I'm a performing songwriter from St. John's, Newfoundland, currently living in Corner Brook. I write mostly dark narrative fiction songs, and for twenty years or so I have been working with excellent musicians who back me up on super high energy shows in small bars, making me sound really good while having a ton of fun. I am super grateful to these players. 

I am currently preparing a March 30 release of a laid back, "listening" type album on both CD and Vinyl, called "Winter". I had a bunch of low key jams kicking around for a while, and I finally decided to give them a home. 

So this is what Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta said about "Winter": 

"There’s a renewed calmness, a clarity, the words measured to be heard and felt. It feels crafted carefully, yet still so free. Indeed the whole thing is a study in contrasts - it manages to be delicate yet gruff, sad yet playful, humble yet grand, all at the same time... it's unmistakably Mark Bragg: squinting sideways at the heartbreak and violence of life, somehow with a grimace and a grin and a tear in his eye all at once... growing stronger in the dark. A bear come through “Winter” say, hungry for spring." 

Thank you Tim the endorsement. It's impossible to toot your own horn. 

Currently I am working on my piano chops, booking small concert venues, and walking my dog.

Sitting o a bench wit a coffee. Yep Yep.

Sitting o a bench wit a coffee. Yep Yep.