From the recording The Planet Crumbled


Oh lover!
I gotta find you lover!
I’m comin to find you lover!
Oh shit!

The planet crumbled
When the bomb dropped
Wit all de vampires
Ten four I’m comin after you
Selling out in the parking lots, an all american kid
Ten four I’m comin after you

The planet crumbled
Man it’s the third world war
Me me me m’automatic I got dat shit unlocked
My radio is static, my gatorade is popped
Planet crumbled
And the fever spikes
But this American kid can’t sleep till I get you right with god

Crashed out wit me all higgle piggeldy
You been fuckin me round for so long
Tip top but you’re just a little thing
You wanna know the words to the song? No?
I’m still gonna teach ya girl

The planet crumbled
I’m at de t-t-t-t-t-t-top
Oh mama crying boy you wash you socks
Oh my mountain lion, he bustin road blocks

Planet crumbled
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha Kate
Katie my sunrise, Katie my night skys
Ten four I’m comin after you

And this is the sound of your earth crumbling
And this is the sound of your world dyin