1. The Rainmaker

From the recording Your Kiss

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If I gotta bust in your door
Come cross your floor
Kick down your chair
Shave all your hair

Come on J-J-Jimmy g-g-gimme the keys
You're takin a ride with the killer bees
If you got the chedder I got the cheese
It's a b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-big squeeze
so get over here, Jimmy!

This is a favor
for such good behavior
but you been such a bore
and good times are war

Now if you were thinkin that you could just sit on that money
well i got news for you my friend
How we gonna buzz with no honey
I ain't goin through this again

I'm the rainmaker
you're the big faker
but I come to save you
gonna shock you and shave you