From the album Your Kiss


Come on mama I'm a at your door
Why you sayin that i shoulda called?
I'm all you got left mama that's for sure
What you don't even wanna see me at all?
Are you still mad about the cat?
Are you still mad about the dog
well daddy always did it with a baseball bat but a
boy just gotta start small

Oh mama who's a big boy now mama?
You shoulda seen me with the cop cop
Oh mama who's a big boy mama got a
little trick i picked up from pop pop pop pop
Your boys home

Where did you go?
Bangladesh for a bucket of rain
Amsterdam for rubs and drugs
I got a bitchin bull whip in spain now
I'm comin home for some hugs

What do you you want?
I just wanna have a little chat mama
I feel like we gotta clear the air
So precious with the goddamn cat mama
did you even know your little boy was there?

Oh mama mama my feet are so sore mama
Over the world now i'm back from the war mama
Now i'm comin in so get your foot out the door mama
Don't make me say please

Oh mama ain't I just the spit of dad cept I'm
bigger than him now and twice as bad oh so
what's wrong with me? Why don't you love me?

I'm gonna have to burn this fuckin house down
I don't know why it's still standin here
This is where he used to beat the shit out of us mama
and you were more worried that the neighbours'd hear

Remember that mama? You'd just close the blinds
I'm in the closet tryin to hide
Buildin a monster
I'll take that kiss now if you don't mind