1. Adelaide

From the recording Winter


Seeing you standing there
crying a river
It's pouring you over
It's drowning you dear

We been wrecked and
we been caught in this war
Come over here darlin,
come out of the dark with me

Adelaide, Adelaide
Tears in the snow
and you're cursing the crows
as they fall away

Seeing you standing there
in the dead of the winter
You wanna just run
It's the cost of the torture
and you're cashing out

In the night it's
one foot in front of the other one
so step right, hold on,
can you hear the river run?
Can we dive into the cold water?
Let's get out Adelaide

Come to the river
Come out of the dark with me

Adelaide, Adelaide
There's tears on the river
And there's crows on the banks
and in the air
and they're all saying that it's over

Oh don't say it's over