1. El Toreo

From the album Winter


Ooh my baby don’t cry for me

She don't cry she don’t dirty her own hands
Put it all on your man, damn it
I'm diggin and divin through dat dump for dose dollars
She's rubbin on that rabbits foot you really gotta hand it to her

What do you do? Grab it off the rack and you’re runnin
And oh your face is red
and your hair's wet, and your shirt's hangin out
Runnin for the top, runnin for the top of the wall
Her man for the fall, but my baby don't cry for me

Oh it’s amazing, what you won't pull
That's my baby, the butcher of bulls
screamin "El Toreo!"
Towing the line for the last of matadors

I took a dive, rolled up in a rug
But my baby's screamin "I'm comin for ya!"
Is there a light at the end of the rainbow?
Where the war ends with a hug for the hero?
Don’t hold me back
I'm tied to a burnin jack
But my baby don’t cry for me

Ooh stuck at the end of the rainbow
Damn it you don’t know
My baby don’t cry for me